A journey to resort: our India travel diary

A journey to resort: our India travel diary

The Roopa label is designed in New York, however it is in our atelier in India where each collection is developed and comes to life.

We visit India around 4-5 times a year and we spend a few weeks sampling and constructing each luxury garment.

There are a lot of great places to get inspiration, eat and spend our down time, here are a few of our favourite things to do:

When we arrive in Bangalore we like to start our mornings at the temple, this one here is called Kadu Malleshwara Temple it’s a beautiful, peaceful place to visit.

For breakfast we love to eat at Central Tiffin Room which is famous for it’s dosa.

City Market in Bangalore is a buzzing market that opens at 4am where you can find just about anything. Flowers are everywhere and we find lots of inspiration in the use of colour and pattern, which are two big themes concurrently in our work.

The Karnataka Chitrakala Parishath is a great place to visit. It’s an art complex of 18 galleries where you’ll find every kind of art, traditional and modern. We were really taken by the traditional puppets which have been used since ancient times to communicate ideas.

The architecture of summer palace of Tipu Sultan is unparallelled. You feel transported to another time and place stepping in here. It was built in the Indo-Islamic style, finished in 1791. The forms and use of colour here are breathtaking.

Finally for a quick rest stop we’ll drop by the Good Earth Cafe and finish the day shopping at Cinnamon Boutique, it's a divine space where you’ll find local designer labels and gorgeous homewares.

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