An Introduction to the Night Bloom Collection

An Introduction to the Night Bloom Collection

Our new Night Bloom Collection is here! Inspired by the color and imagery of a garden that blooms in the dark. This new collection features dresses, masks, and accessories sustainably cut from the finest cottons, silks, and silk velvets using processes such as hand embroidery and hand quilting. Today we’re going to introduce you to three of our pieces from the collection.

The Moonflower Silk Dress, as featured in Cosmo, is sustainably hand crafted and lined using silk. This long sleeve maxi dress is perfect for the changing of the seasons and the colder weather that comes with it. Adding character to the garment is the beautiful imagery consisting of flowers and parakeets. Carefully and skillfully hand embroidered by our team of artisans. 

The newest addition to our line of accessories is the silk velvet bucket hat. Our first hat we created this bucket hat comes in three different colorways. Ranging from a plain black to the Four O’Clock Bucket hat that features a bright purples and pinks expertly juxtaposed over a black background. Whether you are more minimalistic or want something that makes a statement, our bucket hats will appeal to you.







Our hand embroidered masks make a return for the new collection. One of our favorites currently available is the Twilight Embroidered Mask. Featuring an eye catching hand embroidered scene of dragonflies, hand adorned using silk thread, colored and glass beads. The black silk base really emphasizes the red and blue hand embroidered pattern that is stitched on top.


Our Night Bloom collection is available now, with new pieces to be added as the season progresses.

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