Our Best Designer Face Masks for Summer

Face Masks for Summer

Brighten your sunny-day wardrobe with handmade masks that look beautiful while helping to keep you and your community healthy. Each one of our masks is carefully crafted by skilled artisans in Bengaluru, whose livelihood your mask purchase directly supports.

Cotton Face Masks

We use top-quality cotton that’s lightweight and breathable even when it’s warm outside. Many of the cotton masks from our latest Desert Rose collection are made from 100% recycled cotton, and others are sourced through the Better Cotton Initiative, both offering a more sustainable footprint.

Desert Willow Quilted Cotton Mask

 Cotton designer face mask

Blue Blossom Recycled Cotton Mask

quilted cotton face mask by Roopa Pemmaraju

Tie-Up Face Masks

Our designer cotton face masks come in several silhouettes, from a simple ear-loop option to a chic and dramatic tie-back shape with endless ways to style the bows. The prints feature floral and animal motifs in colors that make your outfit pop. 

 Leopard Cotton Tie-Up Mask

Leopard cotton tie-up face mask

Floral Recycled Cotton Tie-Up Mask

Floral recycled cotton tie-up mask


Hand Embroidered Face Masks

Colorful hand embroidery turns your face mask into a true statement piece. Our threading and beadwork are done completely by hand using traditional techniques. You'll find silk thread, crystal beads, and a level of detail that's simply stunning. 

Neon Bloom Recycled Cotton Mask

Neon bloom recycled cotton face mask


 Embellished Desert Recycled Cotton Mask

Embellished recycled cotton headband

Black Cotton Face Masks

We love color, but a classic black cotton face mask belongs in everyone’s repertoire, too. These zero-waste styles are sustainably made from our leftover cuts of fabric. A similar, stylish option: our silver chainmail mask, made from 100% silk and woven by hand. These masks are worn by both men and women, and offer a more low-profile look than some of our floral designs. 

Unisex Quilted Cotton Reusable Mask

 Black cotton face mask


Unisex Quilted Cotton Gold Reusable Mask

 Black and gold cotton face mask

Silk Chainmail Mask 

 Chainmail mask


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