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    Shop designer face masks for covid-19 from Roopa Pemmaraju. Roopa Pemmaraju creates gorgeous and elegant masks designed for any event in a wide range of colors. Roopa’s stylish face masks have been featured in publications such as vogue, who what wear, and slate along with a wide variety of influencers from bloggers to editors to musicians.

     Designed in the USA and sustainably handcrafted in our Bengaluru, India atelier. Each mask is sustainably created using the finest recycled and locally sourced silks and cottons. The effects of the health crisis has caused ripples throughout India having an impact on everyone from our artisans to digital printers and cotton farmers. We ensure that our cotton is locally sourced to support the farmers and help them feed their families, the same way we strive to support our team of artisans.

     These stylish face masks come in a variety of colors and employ age old techniques in their creation. Our hand embroidered Roopa creates the best designer face masks not only in aesthetics but also in quality and design. Hand embroidered detailing is carefully and delicately hand stitched by our team of artisans using silk thread, glass, and colored beads. The hand embroidery used in the face masks creates a more durable floral scene that will hold up for years to come. We want each piece to treated as a work of art and utilize craftsmanship to help ensure each piece can be passed down throughout generations. Shop Roopa Pemmaraju’s designer face masks for covi-19 now.

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