the Spread and Spread the Love.

We are sticking to our mission of helping artisans now more than ever. With every purchase of a face mask you are providing support to our family of artisans.


The economic recession resulting from COVID-19 is heavily impacting artisans and garment workers in South Asia. Our brand works closely with artisans across India and takes much of its inspiration from the nature of that region. It is so important for our brand to support our roots.


As orders from large fashion retailers have dried up, many workers are left unable to support their families with food. In Bangladesh, more than two million garment workers have been furloughed and it is estimated that in Bangladesh alone, suppliers are owed $5 billion alone in completed orders. The lack of work is leading to a wave of starvation-related suicides.


We have begun making hand-embroidered and printed masks to employ as many artisans as possible in India. All the funds made from the sales of our masks go directly back to the artisans to support them and their families during this time. The more masks we sell, the more independent artisans we can employ. Our masks are also environmentally conscious, as they are sustainably made, from deadstock fabric, and reusable (while disposable masks pose a threat to wildlife).


  • Proceeds from each sale of a face mask gives a mask to our team of skilled artisans
  • From the sale of a single mask, one artisan family can buy enough food for 20-30 days.
  • Every purchase positively uplifts the community through positive solutions
  • Our products create jobs in communities that are vulnerable during this economic and healthcare crisis
  • Hand-crafted from breathable silk and cotton

    One World.

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    One World.

    One Love.