The Inspiration behind our Neel Garments and Accessories

The Inspiration behind our Neel Garments and Accessories

The new arrivals from our Summer Garden collection are here! Our new collection delves deep into the power of the women and features a wide range of garments ranging from dresses to accessories. Each garment is handcrafted by our team of skilled artisans and cut from the finest silks and cottons. One of the biggest inspirations that went into our Summer Garden collection is the natural beauty and diversity of Indian summer flowers. Showcased through our hand embroidery, patterns, and colors, the summer flowers that dot the Indian coastline and bring life to the many gardens around the region have a profound impact on the collection. In this article we are going to go deeper into the inspiration behind the Neel collection/accessories.


The combination of deep blue hues and white are inspired by eastern pottery. Dating back to the seventh century and perfected by the thirteenth century, these beautiful pieces of pottery were hand decorated by skilled artisans using only a brush to create intricate patterns. These artists, like us, were inspired by the beauty of nature and showcased beautiful details seen around them in every piece of pottery. 

The Australian Waratah flower serves as the primary flower inspiration behind these garments, and is the primary focal point of the pattern on all of our Neel garments. The Waratah is one of Australia’s most iconic flowers, and an inspiration for many European artists in the 18th and 19th century. You can see this flower anywhere from vases to stained glass windows. It was only fitting that we used one of the most iconic and unique flowers of the Indo-Australian region in a collection that showcases its natural beauty.

While eastern pottery and the Waratah flower are the inspiration behind the Neel items, our collections spans so much further. Drawing inspiration from a diverse array of Indian wildflowers in a bouquet of beauty that can only be experienced inside an Indian garden. Shop the collection to shop our Neel items and more from the Summer Garden collection.

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