Artisans are the heart of our brand. Rather than creating trend-led garments, then hiring labor to produce excessive amounts of clothing that only lasts a season or two, we choose to put the abilities of our artisans on display with heirloom-quality work.

India has a long and storied tradition of textile creation and skilled craftsmanship, and it’s of utmost importance to us to preserve these traditions and support their practitioners.

We employ a group of artisans full-time at our atelier and partner with a network of artisans across India. We envision a world where the traditions that have shaped India’s culture for centuries can continue to thrive instead of disappearing into the shadows of fast fashion.

Our atelier is a clean, safe, supportive space for artisans with different skills, talents, and backgrounds to collaborate. During the COVID-19 pandemic, we’ve ensured that all of our artisans are equipped with the face masks and gloves they need to stay healthy. Their well-being, as always, is our number-one priority.


The fashion industry is one of the world’s top sources of pollution. Mass production of clothing results in dangerous CO2 emissions, excessive water usage, and toxic chemical runoff into rivers and oceans. Thousands of tons of discarded clothing are added to landfills each year.

To counter these effects, we use techniques that minimize our environmental impact, and we only create clothing that’s made to last. We strive to reduce our footprint at every step in a garment’s life cycle, from raw materials to final product.

Our clothing is thoughtfully designed in durable materials and timeless silhouettes. We work only with natural fibers and recycled materials, and cut every garment to order. We invest in hand weaving, digital printing, and hand block printing techniques, and support the artisans who practice them. In a world of passing trends and disposable goods, we are consciously slow fashion.