Our Vision

The World Around Us
Serves As Our Greatest

At Roopa Pemmaraju, we take pride in our Indian heritage. The exuberant gardens of India inspire our detailed signature prints, and the rich history of Indian textiles informs our choice of fabrics. 

In India, gardens are lush and joyful, unrestrained by Western conventions of garden design. Flowers, plants, and trees mix at random, with colors colliding in a brilliant visual celebration. We honor these gardens in our prints by juxtaposing the bright tones of wildflowers with the darker hues of petals and leaves. Our designs are printed on luxurious silks and breathable cottons with a resonant Indian legacy. 

While our brand’s origins lie in India, Roopa launched and grew her business while living in Australia. Her travels across the Australian continent and within its communities have enriched our aesthetic with a rich variety of colors, materials, motifs, and silhouettes.

By Women. For Women. 

While our signature prints emerge from the natural world around us, the inspiration for our silhouettes comes from the strong women we meet in our communities and on our travels. We believe in the power of clothing to bring women’s confidence to light, and so we design bold, colorful, flattering pieces that stand out wherever they’re worn. We create clothing we want to wear – designed by women, for women.