Work With Us!

We would love to partner with like-minded brands and designers that are looking to incorporate sustainable practices into their manufacturing process.

Our Mission

With each garment we create, we are committed to ethical and sustainable practices that reduce waste and carbon emissions. As a brand, it is our mission to support our artisans in India, who make all our sustainable creations possible with their dedication and craftsmanship.

The Process

Every ethically-made garment and product we create has a story, and we value shining the light on the artisans who make them and their heritage-rich process. We believe in transparency as a way for brands, designers, and consumers to know exactly where their products and raw materials are coming from.

Environmental Impact

Bringing our environmentally conscious practices to the fashion and home textile industries means that together we can make a larger impact on creating a better environment for our planet and reduce our carbon footprint.

Our Services

Based on your specific needs, we can support all stages of production from design, development, sourcing, and manufacturing. Our artisans are skilled at ethical techniques like hand weaving, digital printing, and hand block printing, and we work solely with natural fibers and recycled materials.

If you’re a brand or designer looking to create sustainably, we’d
love to hear from you. Please reach out and tell us about your
work, and we will set up consultation.

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